Anneva & Foreva
Anneva and Foreva
Humans (Female)
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Jackie Florian*
Kira Buckland*
"What a spectacular first match! We've only just scratched the surface though, so stay in your seats, loyal viewers. We're about to start the next match." - Anneva
"We've wired the competitors down to just over thirty fighters in total, a whole batch of tag-teams ready to slice, blast, and bash each other to a pulp -- all over the arena floor! The excitement is so great I might just EXPLODE!" - Foreva

Anneva & Foreva are the announcers for the Gemini Tournament. Anneva observes from the booth while Foreva does live commentary in the Balanstadium arena. Although Anneva is rather laid back and official, Foreva is hyperactive and excited for everything. She also manages to slip in references to TV and games throughout her commentary. This actually irks Saturndiva to the point that she grabs Foreva and jumps off the edge of the Balanstadium arena with her during a match.

Their names are a piece of word play, so that when combined, forms "Foreva Anneva", which when spoken sounds like "Forever and ever."

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