Human (male)
Fighter (web series)
Neutural Humanoid Weaponry (RPG)
Magical Archery
Fire Arrow
Ice Arrow
Light Arrow
Poison Arrow
First appeared in
Episode 7: Infectuation
Recently appeared in
Voice Actor
Micah Solusod
"Stop yelling at me! I just wanted to...ask a...q-question..." - Archy

Archy is a minor character in the TOME series, as well as a member of "The Troublemakers" in the RPG adaption, a Fighter with the power of magical archery. He acts as Kirbopher's partner in the Gemini Tournament.


Archy is obsessed with Kirbopher and spends the majority of his debut episode trying to win over Kirbopher's affection and partnership for the Gemini Tournament. He is somewhat shy, timid, and gullible, but persistent and brave. However, his combat skills are not the best in the world, and he gets eliminated from the Gemini Tournament in the first round.

Abilities Edit

  • Fire Arrow: An arrow that can burn its target.
  • Ice Arrow: An arrow that can freeze its target.
  • Light Arrow: An arrow that can blind its target.
  • Poison Arrow: An arrow that can poison its target.

RPG adaptionEdit

"Has a whole lot of different kinds of arrows. He's got a fire one, an ice one, an electric one...and even a funky poisonous one! Very adorable."
In the RPG adaption, with the exception of a new styled haircut and a slight change in design with his face, his appearance, weapons and personality remains mostly the same. He also serves as an antagonist for the Dandy Alliance working alongside Rockoon, a reference to their newfound friendship in the final episode, and Skeight. The three form "The Troublemakers" and cause mischief around the game.


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