Chief Bitopio


Mushroom (Male)
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Episode 14: Monstrosities
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Todd Haberkorn
Bitshrum (Chief Bitopio in the RPG adaption) is Netking Number 2 of TOME. He is the game's area and background designer, responsible for creating ;Lavendera, ;Mechcity, and ;Sanctuary.

Abilities Edit

He battles by summoning a variety of boxes that hold different properties, including ones that hold dangerous items inside!


RPG AdaptionEdit

Netking of the Edodes Woods. He became one with nature and fungi grows all over his chiseled body. He built his magnificent fortress with his bare hands, brick for brick!

On the TOME RPG, Chief Bitopio becomes more humanoid gaining a muscular body and wears a cape and shoes to further recognize his Chief status. He assigns the Dandy Alliance to recover lost artifacts that could cause chaos in the Edodes Woods, and if they succeed, they would prove themselves worthy to him.

Trivia Edit

  • Bitshrum's design is based off of the original design of the Super Mushroom from the NES title, Super Mario Bros. His design is overall based off of Super Mario Bros, most noted with his stage, and the ability to create blocks that spawn fire-breathing mushrooms.
    • These, in turn, reference the Fire Flower in the Mario series and the variants of the Pirhana Plant enemy that shoot fireballs.
    • His design can also be seen as a nod to Split Mushroom, a boss in the Megaman X games. This can be seen with his orange and green color scheme.
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