DBO is an antagonistic organization that operates within TOME. It is led by Tigerlilly and is co-run by her partner, Zetto, who believe they are working together to find the Forbidden Power so they can contain and erase it. However, Rubirules, who was secretly manipulating the organization from behind the shadows, had an ulterior motive which he kept hidden from his partners - using the Forbidden Power to manipulate SOFDTI so he could start a technological revolution. hired various hackers to complete very specific tasks, hoping to obtain Kajet by storing it in data-absorbing weapons, and ultimately use the Dragon Bug to erase it. disbanded once Rubirules revealed his true intentions and was subsequently arrested by Giga. The status of most of its members is unknown, however, it is known that Zetto was not arrested as he was seen visiting California in the Epilogue along with Alpha, Flamegirl, and Nylocke.

Notable MembersEdit


  • Rubirules (creator)
  • Kizuna (as Tigerlilly, leader and administrator)
  • Zetto (co-administrator and second-in-command)


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