Drain edge

The Drain Edge is a beta item in the world of TOME. It can be equipped to an existing blade to upgrade it, giving the weapon an absorbing property. The Drain Edge can absorb enemy attacks in a form of data that can be released later as an attack. It can be discharged partially for a powerful shockwave, or can be discharged fully to release a powerful beam.

The capacity of the Drain Edge is considerably massive. In Episode 9, the Drain Edge is capable of absorbing Zetto's overcharged Breaker Beam, and in Episode 10, the Drain Edge is capable of absorbing the entirety of the Forbidden Power. In Episode 12, the contained Forbidden Power breaks free, splitting the Drain Edge in two.


The drain edge appears as an indigo-colored sliver of metal. When it is equipped to an existing blade, it covers the front of it. The design of it seems to exactly match Nylocke's sword.


The Drain Edge is first seen in Episode 2, when Asterob gives it to Gamecrazed to thank him for saving the Mansion.

In Episode 6, Gamecrazed gives it to Nylocke after a battle with Tigerlilly as a symbol of his trust.

At the end of Episode 10, the Drain Edge and the virus it contains is thrown off into the distance by Nylocke. It lands in ;Sanctuary, stuck on a statue of Webmaster.

Towards the end of Episode 11, as the players are warped up to HOME, the beam of light that teleports them knocks the Drain Edge off the statue, causing it to land on the ground.

Bishipp and ChaseAce find the Drain Edge behind the statue in Episode 12, where it is destroyed when the Forbidden Power breaks free. It is unknown if it will ever be repaired or used again.

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