Majin (male)
Neutral Morphological Spellcaster
Apocalypse Pose
Fist of the Sun
Pizza Slicer
First appeared in
Recently appeared in
Voice Actor
Curtis Arnott
Dumplin is a member of the Father-Daughter Team who debuts in the prototype of the TOME RPG game. His character was based on the DragonBall Xenoverse mod of the same name, created by Nick Landis, Grant Smith, and Kirran Somerlade. TeamFourStar member Curtis Arnott provides the characters voice. While one of his moves involves teamwork with his daughter, Puddin, he has the ability to create a flash of light attack as well as shoot pizzas with his hands. His fate in the final product remains undetermined as Chris Niosi is still debating to exclude her and Puddin from the final release due to copyright issues.
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