Robot (male)
Mechanical (Series)
Technical Cybernetic Spellcaster (RPG)
Wire Volt
Light Scope
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Voice Actor
Mike Hecht
"Shh! Pipe down! Don't use our real names here!" - Elescope, upon reuniting with Hyprelynx

Elescope is a minor character in TOME, a Mechanical character with the power of electricity. He is close friends with Hyprelynx, both in-game and in real life, but had to move away from her at some point. He reunites with her at the Mechcity docks.

Elescope is shown to be nervous and a bit paranoid around new people and situations, but he is a strong fighter.

Abilities Edit

  • Wire Volt: A quick and precise shot of electricity with a long-range that can paralyze the opponent if timed right.
  • Light Scope: A wave of light that stuns the opponent upon impact. The closer the target, the stronger the attack.

RPG adaptionEdit

"Elegant, kind and speaks entirely in haiku...but also a fierce warrior who can spin at rapid speeds to spray electric sparks like fluttering petals of pure pain."
Although a silhouette is only shown, Elescope is depicted to have a kind and elegant personality and speaks in haiku only to contract with the new iteration of Hyprelynx, who only speaks in rap.

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