President Execk

Execk clear

Human Cyborg (Male)
Power Hammer
Ice Gun
Lightning Gun
First appeared in
Episode 11: Year One
Recently appeared in
Voice Actor
Jon St. John
"Only scrubs play this game without a grid. I would know. I invented it. Heh. Battle...on!" -Execk, just before his battle with Alpha

Execk (President Execk in the RPG adaption) is the fifth of the five Netkings of TOME. He first appears in episode 11, where he acts as the first opponent of the Challenge of the Netkings quest. He is defeated by Alpha

In Episode 12, Execk is revealed to be in charge of TOME's battle system. He invented the battlegrid.

In Episode 0, Execk constructs the battlegrid and teaches SOFDTI about human nature, saying that combat is necessary to satisfy the human desire for violence. However, in a game, no one gets hurt.


Execk is a tall, human-like android character wearing a formal suit and tie, clashing with his wild hair and eyes. His left hand can turn into several different weapons, meaning he might be left-handed.


  • Power Hammer: His arm shifts into a powerful sledgehammer. It has demonstrated to be strong enough to easily smash apart a wooden desk.
  • Ice Gun: His arm shifts into an air conditioner to unleash a blast of cold air capable of freezing enemies solid.
  • Lightning Gun: His arm shifts into a taser to unleash a shocking bolt of electricity. 
  • Flamethrower: His arm shifts into a flamethrower to unleash a massive stream of fire. The fire has been shown to be comparable to Alpha's Zeus Rage.


RPG AdaptionEdit

On the TOME RPG, Execk has become more cybernetic and robotic but with implants that are in reminiscent to business attire such as a robotic tie. He is also accompanied by his robotic Vice President, Binto. He has a stern but fair personality and is more open to innovation and opportunity. The Dandy Alliance have to raise one million of a specific currency (different from Netti; the game's common currency) located in Goldhatten (a subsidiary city in the Telluria City region) in order to attend a presidents' conference hosted by Execk.


  • Execk is voiced by Jon St. John, who also voices the famous video game characters Duke Nukem and Big the Cat (up until 2004).
  • In the TOME precursor series, TvTome Adventures, Execk was voiced by Chris Niosi's father.
  • Ironically, even though Execk designed the game's combat system, he serves as the weakest of the five Netkings, outpaced by the character, sound, and graphic designers.
    • In the original draft of season 2, the Netkings would have been fought in reverse order than they are in the final script. This makes more sense in terms of Execk's placing and Alpha's choice of opponent, but it doesn't show off Gamecrazed's skill or have as much build-up.
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