Season 01, Episode 04
Air Date

May 29, 2012

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Highest Form of Flattery

Awaken the Beast

Fraggedquest is the fourth episode of TOME.


From the TOME Website:

Gamecrazed, alone in the woods, is invited by Alpha and the others to join in a quest, so they can relax and enjoy TOME like regular players for the first time in a while… but their day of enjoyment is in danger of being blown apart by an old enemy, lookin’ to stir up trouble.

Our heroes split up into groups, seeking three pieces of a cursed statue that holds a monster inside it for them to fight against. The REAL monster might just turn out to be something else entirely! Can they triumph over EVIL!?



  • This was the longest episode in the series prior to the Series Finale, Truth. Tears. Ambition.
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