Gemini Tournament Yin
Season 01, Episode 08
Air Date

Sep. 01, 2013

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Gemini Tournament Yang

Gemini Tournament Yin is the eighth episode of TOME.


From the TOME Website:

At long last, the much-anticipated Gemini Tournament begins! TOME’s greatest competitive players gather together at Balanstadium, where the final competition is about to begin. Alpha and our heroes have managed to make it to the finals…

…but only two valiant players can stand above the rest and earn the shared title of virtual world champion duo! Many familiar faces have turned up, both friend and foe…as well as a few challengers, who may be up to something sinister. Who will walk away from this battle with the right to call themselves the best?



  • First appearance of Webmaster
  • First appearance of Dustbunny
  • First appearance of Anneva
  • First appearance of Foreva
  • First appearance of Giga (voice only)
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