Dinosaur (female)
Animalistic (Series)
Infernal Animalistic Brawler (RPG)
Lava Spit
Fossil Fling
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Voice Actor
Kimlinh Tran
"...role-players are dumb! YOU'RE DUMB! When I see you tomorrow I'm gonna bite your nails down to the cuticles and SPIT THEM IN YOUR EYES! THEN I'LL SCRAGGLE YOUR GREASY HAIRCUT AND KICK YOU IN THE FACE!! DUMMY!!" - Granda, in one of her infamous tantrums

Granda is a minor character in TOME who is usually seen hanging around with T-Bones. An Animalistic character, appearing as a Stegosaurus, she is prone to random and violent fits of anger, usually directed towards Nylocke. She lives in Saigon, Vietnam.

Abilities Edit

  • Quake: The user stomps the ground to create a mini-earthquake.
  • Lava Spit: The user spits molten saliva from their mouth at one enemy.
  • Fossil Fling: The user stomps a dinosaur fossil out of the ground and headbutts it into one enemy, piercing their defense.
  • Eruption: The user stomps open a lava pool, jumps into it, and tosses out a barrage of molten rocks at all enemies.

RPG Adaptation Edit

"This pint-sized little spitfire loves spitting hot fire. She knows when to play cute, but when she unleashes her rage, you're gonna get burned!"
On the RPG adaption, Granda, alongside T-Bones, have become anthropomorphic dinosaurs wearing armor. Their color schemes and personalities remain relatively the same.

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