Lynx (female)
Animalistic (Series)
Crystal Animalistic Brawler (RPG)
Throwing Star
Bulb Beam
First appeared in
Episode 6: Dragon Drama
Recently appeared in
Voice Actor
Jessi Nowack
"Theeere, there. It's the thought that counts...and you didn't think it through enough." - Hyprelynx

Hyprelynx is a minor Animalistic character in TOME with the power of strobes. She appears to be a relatively new player to the game, and is friends, both in the game and in real life, with Elescope.

Abilities Edit

  • Throwing Star: Smaller projectiles that explode on impact.
  • Bulb Beam: The user creates a bright flash of light that temporarily blinds surrounding enemies.

RPG adaptionEdit

"Filled with charisma and speaks entirely in rap, this way-cool wild-cat can move at the speed of light and uses enchanted stars to leave opponents seein' stars!"
Although a silhouette is only shown, Hyperlynx is depicted to have a more upbeat personality and speaks in rap only to contract with the new iteration of Elescope, who only speaks in haikus.

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