The Netkings are the creators and head administrators of T.O.M.E., in charge of overseeing the game and making sure things run smoothly. Despite their fame, they aren't seen publicly in the game all that often, with Webmaster usually appearing at events to represent the group. They created the "Challenge of the Netkings" in order to give a few lucky players a chance to battle them.


  • Webmaster: Lead Programmer, head of Netking Software
  • Bitshrum: World design
  • Rubirules: Character creation manager, Creation System designer (arrested)
  • Kindarspirit: Sound designer, system voice
  • Execk: Combat programmer, creator of the Battlegrid

Former NetkingsEdit

  • Zetto: Virtual Reality System/Combat Tester
  • Kizuna: Bug Checker




  • Kizuna's role as the game's bug-tester is ironic, as she went on to create the website, which is secretly a giant search for the Forbidden Power, a virus.
  • The Netking statues in the center of ;Sanctuary were designed by Chris Niosi before the official revelation of the Netkings. As such, a few statues contain errors: Rubirules' statue has a completely different body structure reminiscent of his TTA counterpart, Bitshrum's statue has a sort of necklace which Bitshrum lacks, and Execk's statue's tie is far smaller and inside of his jacket.
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