Hybrid Goblin Cyborg (Male)
Dungeon Master
Dungeon Control*
Living Weapon*
First appeared in
Episode 11: Year One
Recently appeared in
Voice Actor
Benjamin Diskin
"I'm workin' for YER MOTHER!!!" - Odboll

Odboll is the first new hacker introduced in season 2 of TOME. He appears briefly at the beginning of Episode 11 causing havoc in ;Sanctuary. However, Alpha and his friends show up and stall Odboll until the moderators arrive, banning him. Odboll appears again briefly in Episode 13 before showing up in Episode 14 as the Moon's security force, using his dungeon control powers to manipulate the structures within D-Buggers' base. He is defeated by Flamegirl's novice programming skills.

Personality Edit

Odboll is extremely hyperactive and vulgar. He drops major curses virtually every sentence and has so far said nothing that wasn't an insult. In contrast with Doubling and Splat, none of Odboll's curses are censored in audio or text.

Abilities Edit

Odboll's power is listed as "Dungeon Master", referencing one of his main abilities, which is hacking the terrain to control it and contort it to his will. This has uses such as dropping it on people to squash them flat, or to simply split up a group of people and throw them off as shown later on. He also has the capability of turning himself into a ball to roll people over.


  • Although Odboll is in the Mechanical class, no known screws or metallics are on his body, hinting that he rushed his character and put no effort into his account.
    • It is possible that his character is based on the term "gremlin," which is a stereotype for mechanics and engineers.
  • Odball's race is Goblin and appears to be heavily influenced by World Of Warcraft Goblins suggesting he copied from a WoW avatar adding to how rushed his account seems.