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Human (male; species)
Raven (male; RPG)
Animalistic (series)
Natural Animalistic Spellcaster (RPG)
Feather Dagger
Graceful Raid
Camouflage Layer
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Voice Actor
Lucien Dodge
"A master of disguise, for one thing. Not to mention, a staaaar voice performer." - Ravenfreak, about himself

Ravenfreak is a hacker with sadomasochistic tendencies who works for in a single episode of TOME. He is an illusionist who can transform into a bird and disguise himself as any player he wishes. He is also very good at imitating the copied player's voice. Ravenfreak was given the anti-virus and instructed to attach it to Flamegirl, which he did successfully.

Attacks and MovesEdit

  • Feather Dagger: Sharp projectiles that can be tosses in waves of three.
  • Graceful Raid: A swooping-charge attack performed by the user in mid-air with swift accuracy.
  • Camouflage Layer: A defensive technique in which the user disguises themselves in a thick layer of camouflage in order to repel one attack.
  • Triplicate: The user creates two temporary copies of themselves to launch multiple attacks at once.

Ravenfreak also has the ability to take the form of other players. He is very skilled at impressions, like when he mimicked Alpha's voice well enough to trick Flamegirl.

RPG AdaptionEdit

"He's got a silver-tongue, a love of theatrics and definitely something to hide. His illusionary techniques can trip up the best of players, even when he fights solo..."
Ravenfreak, to best suite the name sake, was changed to an anthropomorphic raven, however, to honor his thespian-attributes was given Rennaisance-esque English clothing. His theatric interest and illusion ability still remains the same.



  • Ravenfreak's lines when calling to Flamegirl while disguised as Alpha were actually performed by Lucien Dodge, voice-matching for Blake Swift. Blake Swift wasn't aware of this and asked Chris Niosi during a recording session after viewing the scene if he had recorded the lines himself.
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