Virtual Life
Counteracting the Forbidden Power
First appeared in
Episode 0: /FILE:ZERO
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Voice Actor
Casey Mongillo
"You are my fault. My problem. My responsibility. No more. No more pain. Just go away." - SOFDTI, sealing away the Forbidden Power.

SOFDTI, which stands for Self-Operating Full-Duplex Technical Intelligence, is a highly-advanced artificial intelligence accidentally created by the Netkings while developing TOME. She learns via human thoughts transmitted through the game's virtual reality interface, and the negative emotions she discovered through this process eventually became the Forbidden Power.

SOFDTI has the ability to counteract the Forbidden Power using positive emotions, which appear as a purple flame which surrounds her, similar to the one marking the presence of the Antivirus carried by Flamegirl, since it is merely an emulation of her containing code.

In order to prevent government interference, SOFDTI is stored at the core of TOME, feeding off of and enjoying the positive emotions and friendship experienced through playing the game - however, knowing that her world was in danger if the Power ever awakened, and wanting to be able to watch over it, she created a player avatar, her "shadow", to move around the Terrain freely. At some point, Rubirules realized the implications of SOFDTI's code, and decided that he wanted to use her to profit off of the idea of advanced artificial intelligence. By manipulating Zetto and Kizuna, Rubirules intended to find the Forbidden Power and abuse it to his advantage, and although SOFDTI was aware of this, she did not realize his motivations were not for the greater good until it was too late. After a battle in TOME's core, Rubirules's combined use of the Virus and the Antivirus was able to overwhelm SOFDTI, who remained dormant until Alpha was able to save her and Flamegirl once and for all. Although SOFDTI was unable to meet her friends outside of the Terrain of Magical Expertise, when Michael, Stephanie, Nylocke and Kirbopher met up in Burbank, California during the epilogue, they filmed their encounter for her so it was like she was there in person.



  • As was the case in Season 1 which hid the fact that Zetto and Kirbopher were used by the same player by also hiding that they shared a voice actor, when SOFDTI was shown to the public in /FILE:ZERO, her credited voice actor was the unexisting Ryan Gillmoon - Gillmoon being an anagram of her real voice actor's last name Casey Mongillo, Gamecrazed's voice.
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