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Steven M. Kelly
"Just think of it! With his power, I could bypass the very rules of TOME's fabric of space! The tranquility of ;Mechcity would be an absolute debility. I would reign over the streets, like an invincible beast, and feast on the beats of their shaken hearts!" - Serpentine

Serpentine is a minor character in TOME who serves as Nylocke's evil role-playing rival. Although possessing mighty claws, he prefers to drain Nylocke's morale through dramatic monologues. He wishes to become a hacker so that he may conquer TOME for himself.


Before even the shorts where Serpentine is first introduced, he was a role-player who idolized Nylocke and wanted to be his squire. But because he wasn't "creative at being a ye olde warrior", he ignored him. As a form of revenge, Serpentine's user tried to make a new character that looked exactly like Nylocke like an evil counterpart, but the system - actually Rubirules - rejected the design (because there would be confusion over which Nylocke model was part of the Dragon Bug and which was not). Consequently, he tweaked Nylocke's appearance, and it became his own.


Abilities Edit

  • Beastly Slash: The user attacks their opponent with a powerful swing of their claw.

RPG adaptionEdit

"A villainous role-player who loves spreading pain and suffering. He conjures portals to sucker punch the goody-two-shoe heroes he loves to pick on!"
Serpentine and Demonking continue to serve as rivals for Nylocke, but his backstory was omitted from the RPG version. Instead, the three were known as members of a role-playing guild called The Tales of the Terrain, with Serpentine and Demonking serving in the villain roles opposing Nylocke's hero role. Serpentine's wardrobe received minor changes but has a darker color scheme and one of his clawed hands is replaced with a spiked-ball.


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