Human (male; series)
(female; RPG)
Technical Cybernetic Weaponary (RPG)
Moon Blade
Power Pierce
Cross Cut
Shadow Slash
First appeared in
Episode 5: Awaken the Beast
Recently appeared in
Voice Actor
Bryon Beaubien
"Wielder of the Blade of the Moon...Shogun, the commanding!" - Shogun

Shogun is a minor character in TOME, a Swordsman with the power of the Moon Blade. He always appears in conjunction with his friend and partner, Tsuzuku. Despite being from Texas, Shogun is obsessed with all things Japanese, as evidenced by his screenname and his devotion to Tsuzuku. Ironically, Tsuzuku later reveals that he is actually Chinese.

RPG adaptionEdit

Shogun and Tsuzuku have confirmed to return for the RPG adaption. Shogun has become a female (due to the new direction of the game and for personal reasons) shogun-clad hero role player, supposedly inspired by Japanese folklore (to contrast Tsuzuku's Chinese folklore inspired persona), wields a Moon Lance instead of a Moon Blade and works with Tsuzuku forming "The Twin Blades of Night and Day".

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