Robot (Male; Series)
(Female; RPG)
Mechanical (web series)
Neutral Cybernetic Weaponry (RPG)
Rocket Burn
First appeared in
Episode 2: Mansion Midnight
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Voice Actor
"Oh-ho-ho-ho-ho, yeah-ha-ha! Look at that crowd! Yeah-ha-ha-ha! I'm great! I know it! Thank you! Thank you, you're all beautiful. Really." - Sniperwheel
"It's my Headcannon. And in my headcanon, YOU DIE!" - Sniperwheel

Sniperwheel is a minor character in TOME, of the Mechanical class with an arsenal of weapons as his power.



Sniperwheel can come across as being very competitive and perhaps a bit arrogant, challenging any player to try and fight him when he is first introduced in Episode 2. He's displayed as being extremely charismatic and talkative. In combat, he tends to rely on rapid use of his Headcannon.



  • Kirbopher: When Sniperwheel challenges Kirbopher to a battle in Episode 2, he accepts it and the pair engage in combat. After a close fight, Kirbopher defeats him, and rushes off to tail Gamecrazed before they can have a rematch.
  • Asterob: In the Gemini Tournament, Sniperwheel competes with Asterob as his partner. The pair first fight against Dustbunny and Neomutant. They win this match by default when their opponents disappear, taking with them Asterob's shield.

Abilities Edit

  • Shiftarm: A transforming arm that can shift between a cannon, a sniper-rifle and a machine gun.
  • Rocket Burn: A charging attack activated by two powerful rocket boosters on the user's back.
  • Bomball: Small bombs that can be launched in succession.
  • Headcannon: A powerful attack that must be charged for a great amount of time, but releases a beam that covers the entire length of the battlefield.

RPG Adaption Edit

"A big, bombastic, walkin', talkin' Swiss army knife. She's packed with a cannon, a gatling gun, a rifle...and she can even transform into a sweet bike!"
Sniperwheel appears in the Terrain of Magical Expertise RPG adaption, revamped as a female named Sniperyda, as a member of a guild known as "Cast O'Dreams", alongside Snowhyti, Saturndiva and Asterologist. While his patlette remains the same somewhat, he also gained new implants of rocket-based jet power and metal claws replacing his hands. His personality became more of an easy going and nice persona than her predecessors.



  • Chris Niosi picked Jon to voice Sniperwheel because, "I knew I wanted to stress the 'big shot' attitude he had before, but something I never quite portrayed with the original Sniperwave was that I always thought of him with a form of gangster speak. I considered a few different people for him, but ultimately settled on Jon Jafari, who would often break into a New York dialect at random intervals during his video reviews."
    • When Sniperwheel was written into the Gemini Tournament arc, Niosi originally believed that Jon would not be available to voice the character, and so casted another voice actor as the character. The actor had recorded all of his lines and Niosi had finished animating Sniperwheel's scenes to match his delivery when he had a chance encounter with Jon in New York. Jon agreed to reprise his role and matched the other actor's delivery so that the animation would still match his lines.
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