Human (Female)
Adhesive Slime
Booger Bubble
Gel Dragon
Flying Fist
First appeared in
Episode 2: Mansion Midnight
Recently appeared in
Episode 2: Mansion Midnight
Voice Actor
Alison Fanelli
"You can either lose the weapons or lose the Mansion. I want the weapons. Be smart. You got ten seconds." - Splat

Splat is a minor character who appears in a single episode of TOME. She is a Morphological hacker with the Adhesive Slime ability. She is also Doubling's sister.



Splat is first mentioned at the beginning of episode 2, when asks Doubling for a replacement hacker. Doubling recommends his sister, Splat, stating that she's an even better hacker than he is. Splat is then hired to invade the Mansion and take the shield that Asterob uses. Upon arrival, she begins corrupting the Mansion's graphics with her slime powers, before capturing Kirbopher and Nylocke. She then demands Asterob's shield but he refuses, so she also incapacitates him and threatens to destroys the Mansion if he doesn't comply. Suddenly, Gamecrazed appears and attacks her, but is also captured by her slime powers. He then merges into the slime that is covering the walls, and uses his now enormous form to grab Splat and throw her out of the Mansion, instantly defeating her. She has not been seen since.


Splat focuses on getting the job done and has little tolerance for people who get in her way. She does seem to enjoy TOME far more than her brother, and does take some pleasure in destroying objects.


  • Doubling: Although they are never seen together, Doubling is Splat's brother, and they seem to be on relatively good terms with each other.
  • Asterob: Splat invades the Mansion to steal Asterob's shield, and threatens to destroy the Mansion if he doesn't hand it over.
  • Nylocke and Kirbopher: Nylocke and Kirbopher are captured by Splat when she first invades the Mansion.
  • Gamecrazed: Gamecrazed is able to defeat Splat by merging with her slime and throwing her from the Mansion.


  • Splat's voice actress, Alison Fanelli, is the older sister of Chris Niosi (creator of TOME and voice actor of Kirbopher).