Dinosaur (male)
Animalistic (Series)
Natural Animalistic Brawler (RPG)
Fossil Fling
Rapid Claw
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Andy Dennis
"Sorry lass, that was ten straight losses. Think you're spent, least as far as taking on Nylocke." - T-Bones

T-Bones is a minor character in TOME, a Tyrannosaurus in the Animalistic class, that generally spends his time playing with Granda. He lives in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Abilities Edit

  • Quake: The user stomps the ground to create a mini-earthquake.
  • Fossil Fling: The user stomps a dinosaur fossil out of the ground and headbutts it into one enemy, piercing their defense.
  • Rapid Claw: A multi-hit punching attack with machine-gun precision.

T-Bones is extremely strong and durable, he can easily rip up massive chunks of earth from the ground and throw them like they weigh nothing.

RPG Adaptation Edit

"He may be friendly, but his roar is so terrifying it'll paralyze you with fear! His physical strength lets him unearth boulders for chucking and causes earthquakes with a stomp!"
On the RPG adaption, T-Bones, alongside Granda, have become anthropomorphic dinosaurs wearing armor. Their color schemes and personalities remain relatively the same.

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