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Welcome to the TOME Wiki

Terrain of Magical Expertise, more commonly known as TOME, is a series created by Kirbopher. It centers around a group of five players in a game known as The Terrain of Magical Expertise, more commonly referred to as 'TOME'.

Nylocke is one of the five main characters on TOME, of the Swordsman class with the power Ice. Nylocke is a loud and proud role-player with a bit of an ol’ English feel to him. Whenever he appears he leaps into the air and shouts a long, detailed title for himself that always involves the words “Master” or “Dragon”. Nylocke is an unbridled force of good in the world of TOME. He fights for justice and revels in being a hero.

He takes his playtime in TOME seriously to the point of it being like a second life for him, and anything that threatens it doesn’t sit well with him. Hence, he strives to toss out the “foul hackers” from his cherished home.

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