The Purple Flame is a program meant to emulate

Purple Flame

SOFDTI's original antivirus code for the purpose of counteracting the Forbidden Power. It was developed by Rubirules and Neomutant in secret, and drew power from Neomutant's unrequited "love" for Flamegirl (which was able to act as a suitable substitute for the parental love the Netkings felt for SOFDTI, the source of the orignal antivirus's power). The Purple Flame was given to Flamegirl by Ravenfreak under the orders of Zetto and Kizuna, who believed that giving it to Flamegirl (the person closest to Alpha) was the best possible way to keep The Virus in check. In reality, Rubirules suggested to the hackers that Flamegirl be used as the carrier of the Purple Flame because Neomutant felt that giving it to her could put her in harm's way (something he wanted due to his bitterness at her rejection). The Purple Flame was ultimately meant to be used as the Dragon Bug's power source when the time was right, so that Rubirules could use it to control the Virus and, by extention, SOFDTI. The Purple Flame was eventually destroyed when it attempted to carry out its final function through Flamegirl, resulting in both it and Kajet being deleted.

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