The Warring Demons
Season 01, Episode 10
Air Date

Dec. 18, 2013

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Gemini Tournament Yang

Year One

The Warring Demons is the tenth episode of TOME, the season 1 finale.


From the TOME Website:

With the Gemini Tournament behind them, our heroes seemingly return to their peaceful days spending time with each other in TOME. However, Alpha is still haunted by the presence of the Forbidden Power…

…with its rumors now spread amongst other players poised to harass him about its secrets. A certain someone, who knows the true dangers of the Forbidden Power, aims to put an end to its threat against the unsuspecting populous. An incredible fight lies ahead for Alpha, but one of the battle’s two opponents may not walk away alive.


Alpha recieves a message from Zetto as he logs in, telling him to come to the Gemini Tournament Grounds to lose the virus. Alpha then travels to Mechcity where he meets Nylocke and Flamegirl. After he is knocked


Alpha clashes with Demon Zetto

unconscious when Zetto absorbs the forbidden power, he hears a flashback from the real world. We hear people that sound like kids talk about how Alpha was never really a social person and that his real name is michael.




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  • At the end of the episode after the credits, we have a glimpse of Sanctuary, the only location in T.O.M.E. not shown before, with several players conversing. Before the depiction ends, the episode shows the Drain Edge (still holding the forbidden power), stuck at the top of a statue of Webmaster, following with a black and white "THE END?" picture, with the question mark flickering like the forbidden power.
  • Episode 10 was originally going to be the premiere of Season 2 as opposed to the finale of Season 1. This was changed when Chris Niosi felt that not a lot of people understood the ending of Episode 9 and felt that Episode 10 would make a better finale than a premiere anyways.
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