War Devil (male; Web Series)
(female; RPG)
Spellcaster (Web Series)
Crystal Humanoid Spellcaster (RPG)
Black Magic
Spell Swarm
Black Wing
First appeared in
Episode 10: The Warring Demons
Recently appeared in
Episode 10: The Warring Demons
Voice Actor
Harry Partridge
"I'M making the demands here! Now what do I have to do to get a glimpse of the forbidden power...for myself?" - Thorment

Thorment is an antagonistic character in TOME with an almost fanatical obsession with the Forbidden Power. To date, he has only appeared in one episode and was quickly defeated by Alpha. Thorment lives somewhere in the UK.



Thorment first appears near the beginning of episode 10, along with a large group of other players who are intent on attacking Alpha to see if the Forbidden Power is real. Thorment, the last of the group, states that he knows the Forbidden Power is real, and demands that Alpha show it to him. When Alpha refuses, Thorment attacks the group in an attempt to force the Forbidden Power out of Alpha. Alpha engages and defeats him with a single Vulcan Fist, although the Forbidden Power attempts to take him over. Thorment then swears there will be "others," mentioning that he knows he's "not the only one who's interested."


Thorment is the first antagonist in TOME who is not a Hacker or affiliated with one. He simply has become obsessed with the rumors surrounding Alpha to the point that he will do anything to catch a glimpse of the Forbidden Power. Flamegirl even comments that she can't tell if he's a hardcore roleplayer or just really creepy.

Abilities Edit

  • Spell Swarm: A rapid-fire projectile attack that homes in an opponent, quickly surrounding them like a barricade.
  • Black Wing: An technique that allows the user to temporarily sprout wings and navigate through the air.

RPG AdaptionEdit

"Another villainous role-player. She knows many terrifying spells and can even drain her victims' mana! Quite impressively, she speaks entirely in rhyme."
Only her silhouette has been revealed as of now.


  • In the audio commentary for Episode 13, Chris Niosi reveals that Thorment, and his partner from TTA, Thorture, were originally going to be hackers in season 2 who were sent out to retrieve the Drain Edge (with the Forbidden Power inside of it) from ;Sanctuary partway through the season. After Episode 10 was rewritten as the season 1 finale, Thorment's character was changed from a hacker to an obsessive creep and Thorture was written out completely.
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