Human (male; web series)
Dragon (male; RPG)
Swordsman (web series)
Infernal Animalistic Weaponry
Sun Blade
Blade Arc
Cross Cut
Bright Slash
First appeared in
Episode 5: Awaken the Beast
Recently appeared in
Voice Actor
Kaiji Tang (credited as Juicey Flannigan)
"Wielder of the Blade of the Sun...Tsuzuku, the continuous!" - Tsuzuku

Tsuzuku is a minor character of TOME, a Swordsman with the power of the Sun Blade. He always appears in conjunction with his friend and partner, Shogun. Shogun believes Tsuzuku is Japanese, but Tsuzuku actually lives in Shanghai, China. He reveals his true country of origin during the Gemini Tournament.

Abilities Edit

  • Blade Arc: The user tosses their blade like a boomerang, creating a series of spinning cuts through the air.
  • Cross Cut: A slow, but powerful cutting attack.
  • Bright Slash: A cutting attack seeped with the power of light.

RPG adaptionEdit

"A heroic role-player, inspired by Chinese folklore, who makes up one half of the "Twin Blades of Night and Day". He smites villains with his fiery Sun Sword!"

Shogun and Tsuzuku have confirmed to return for the RPG adaption. Tsuzuku, renamed Sunlong, becomes a dragon hero role player, supposedly inspired by Chinese folklore, wields a Sun Sword instead of a Sun Blade and works with Shogun forming "The Twin Blades of Night and Day". His main has golden, blue and green patterns balanced with his red fur as well as wearing a traditional Chinese sash robe with patted armor and gold-and-brown colored arm brackets. They were former members of the guild "The Tales of the Terrain".

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