Human (Female)
Crystal Humanoid Spellcaster (RPG)
(Series) Diamond Saw
White Wind
(RPG) Blizzard Boomerang
Snowstorm Saw
Snow Cone
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Voice Actor
Apphia Yu
Whyti (known as Snowhyti in the video game) is a minor character in Tome, a Spellcaster with the power of snow. She is rather shy and likes to spend time with her friends, Flamegirl and Saturndiva.

Biography Edit

Personality Edit

Relationships Edit

  • Flamegirl: She, Flamegirl and Saturndiva are close friends, and often hang out within the confines of Mechcity.
  • Saturndiva: She, Flamegirl and Saturndiva are close friends, and often hang out within the confines of Mechcity. Whyti also battled alongside Saturndiva in the Genimi Tournament, facing two unnamed players in the first round, one of which was immediately taken out by his partner. They were defeated in the next round by Alpha and Flamegirl.
  • Nylocke: Whyti and Nylocke seem to know each other well since she is relieved to see him when he saves her and Saturndiva from an attack from Demonking and he calls her "Lady White of the Luscious Snow". The two partner up to battle Demonking, her even saying "Whoosh" like Nylocke does when he dashes. When they are blinded by mist, Whyti yells to Nylocke to be a hero. After Nylocke redempts Demonking, she says that his words were beautiful. This could hint that Whyti has a possible crush on or just heavily admires Nylocke.

Abilities Edit

  • Diamond Saw: A powerful projectile attack that can be charged and expanded, but moves slower based on how large its final size is.
  • White Wind: A blizzard attack that pushes back the enemy and freezes them in solid ice when covering them for a certain amount of time.

RPG AdaptionEdit

"The Cast 'O Dreams' second-in-command. Her freezing breath can be solidified into a snowflake-shaped buzzsaw and even into a delicious self-healing frozen treat!"
Whyti appears in the Terrain of Magical Expertise RPG adaption as a member of a guild known as "Cast O'Dreams", alongside Saturndiva, Asterologist and Sniperyda. Her appearance consists of more winter-based clothing and new dark blue highlights. Her personality remains the same.


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