You've Gotta Virus
Season 01, Episode 01
Air Date

Nov. 11, 2011

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Mansion Midnight

You've Gotta Virus is the first episode of TOME.


From the TOME Website:

It’s the year 2020, where the most popular virtual reality gaming experience, “TOME” is played by millions around the globe. A young player who goes by the username “Alpha” logs in for a good time, but gets more than he bargained for.

While his friends are busy trying to stop a couple of rambunctious hackers disrupting their playtime, Alpha is visited by a strange, ethereal being that speaks directly to his thoughts…though it may appear dangerous, it might just be the key to stopping the hacker threat and allow Alpha to help his friends in need.




  • The title of this episode has a hidden meaning that goes unnoticed until the very end of the first season. It is during episode ten that we learn that the Forbidden Power (which Alpha first encounters and recieves in this episode) is a computer virus. Thus, in You've Gotta Virus, Alpha actually does, in a way, "get a virus," the virus being the Forbidden Power.
  • At the time of its original release, the scene with Nylocke and his anti-hacker group had SaturnDiva and Elescope in the scene, but because they did not have their current voice actors at that point in time, two other actors voiced them in the You've Gotta Virus, but in the reduxed version of the first episode, Mike Hecht and Sarah Williams both take on their roles as Elescope and Saturndiva respectively. The original version can be found on Newgrounds while the current version can be found on Youtube and Chris Niosi's website.
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